DiscoverChurch with Jesse Lee PetersonWhat Did You Learn Last Year? (New Year's Church 1-1-23)
What Did You Learn Last Year? (New Year's Church 1-1-23)

What Did You Learn Last Year? (New Year's Church 1-1-23)

Update: 2023-01-01


Have you changed? We discuss Forgiveness, Prayer, Love… 2023 theme: When you disappear, heaven will appear. The false "you" must die.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, January 1, 2023 — Happy New Year!

ANNOUNCEMENTS: No radio show Monday! (We'll be back on-air Tuesday!) Men's Forum first Thursday, Jan 5, 2023, 7 PM at BOND!

0:00:00 Jan 1, 2023
0:02:14 Welcome to Church
0:03:12 Welcome, newcomers
0:05:29 Face the Devil in mama, face the Devil in you
0:10:02 How were you helped last year?
0:13:52 Father got fired for gossip, still not praying
0:21:24 Family: No expectation, sit in anger, let thoughts come/go
0:29:06 Woman's story of a bad marriage
0:35:45 (Cont…) Love: Do you believe God loves you?
0:40:01 (Cont…) Where did you get your love? Israelis?
0:42:17 Woman recognized truth from Jesse; was called cold
0:46:01 Woman's son forgave her. Silent prayer when traveling
0:51:38 Testimony on forgiveness
0:54:15 Cultivating stillness: Alarm for Silent Prayer in the middle of dinner?
1:04:54 Mean cousin's mother died: Justice or revenge?
1:10:53 Impossible to blame if you see yourself. We're blind and dumb
1:13:40 Franky, Hake, Hassan: Lies, selfishness, becoming nothing
1:17:15 JLP: Same issue worldwide: Anger, doubt, know thyself, shake
1:26:25 Drifting into thoughts/feelings; Appreciation, gratitude?
1:30:23 Q: Heaven will appear when you disappear
1:34:14 JLP: Theme this year: Work on disappearing
1:38:40 JLP: Which do you prefer: Stress or to be nobody?
1:39:41 JLP: Repeating intellectual learning: Love enough to call it out.
1:41:03 JLP: No one has ever done anything to you
1:42:21 On getting angry… (Frederick: Forgave mama?)
1:44:31 JLP: The real you has never experienced loneliness
1:45:32 How do I pray for others? We don't know what to pray for
1:48:04 Adam's loneliness? Living divided vs. whole
1:52:30 Last questions and comments
1:54:44 Closing: Let knowledge die
1:57:27 Announcements: No show Mon! Men's Forum Thur!




Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday 11 AM PT at BOND in Los Angeles



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What Did You Learn Last Year? (New Year's Church 1-1-23)

What Did You Learn Last Year? (New Year's Church 1-1-23)

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