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What Does Kamala Harris Stand For?

What Does Kamala Harris Stand For?

Update: 2019-07-3130


Democratic voters have been drawn to Senator Kamala Harris as a messenger, even though her message remains a work in progress. Ahead of her second presidential debate appearance, we consider what the candidate says she believes. Guest: Alexander Burns, who covers national politics for The New York Times, spoke with Ms. Harris. For more information on today’s episode, visit

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Venice Lockjaw

tires? really?? what about people who don't even have a fucking car because they don't even have a livable wage?? she joking ?? a family can't afford to live where they work and your concern about the fucking roads??

Sep 16th


Stupid lib woman, all she can say is old men are bad lol. Tires? really? tires? I live on a dirt road and got big ol knobby tires on my 4x4 you can take your bills and shove em! We want more tax breaks not more stupid roads

Aug 5th
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Philly Burbs

your 100 percent correct. I'm not watching anymore debates. fuck them all. cnn helped Trump win in 2016 by having surrogates lie for Trump everyday 24 hours a day. now they are insuring he wins in 2020 the first thing Trump will do is put brakes on the first amendment, calling it something else.

Aug 3rd


Her point about fixing roads so we don't pay as much for replacing tires is such a red herring. It sounds like she just wants to maintain the status quo. I'm all about infrastructure investment, but not if its going toward feeding auto dependency, suburban sprawl, McMansion style development and all the social ills that stem from these poorly conceived planning policies--obesity, racial segregation, inequality, environmental degradation, greater tax burden, etc. Basically, her point is meaningless to me unless it coresponds to greater structural change.

Jul 31st
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It's difficult to weave your story into a convincing narrative without a central idea to your character. If Harris doesn't believe in anything concrete, then she may as well be in it for herself only. Why should we trust anyone who doesn't believe in anything larger than herself?

Jul 31st

Russell Kramer

now do one for every canidate

Jul 31st
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What Does Kamala Harris Stand For?

What Does Kamala Harris Stand For?