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What Happened to Tamla Horsford?

What Happened to Tamla Horsford?

Update: 2020-07-132


This week Paul and Billy look into the mysterious death of Tamla Horsford. In November 2018, Tamla Horsford was the only black guest at an adult slumber party in Cumming, Georgia. By all accounts she was the life of the party. But in the early morning hours she was found dead outside. With the help of Tamla's family attorney Ralph E. Fernandez, Billy and Paul try to find out how a mother of five died that night. 

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And one more thing, she was smoking marijuana at the party, if they investigate, they should look into whomever her dealer was. Maybe he came to see her late night and they had an altercation. or, the husband always does it. maybe her hubby was not happy she was so intoxicated and came to pick her up and killed her and just left her there like he had never been there. See how easy it is to find another theory besides her being black.

Jul 13th
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i am going to listen to this case first but am wondering why you mentioned that she was the only black guest at this party. i hope it has something to do with the story. seems like racism is kept alive by the media. what if a girl died at an all black party. people would be highly offended if an aricle suggested that because she was white, this happened. Please just stick to crime, and this is for all podcasts right now. It is not your responsibily to address every social ill in your podcasts. i live in the area where this happened. She was wasted and crazy things happen when people are wasted. people say she didnt appear wasted. her bac was very high. i think all the alcohol hit her at once and she probably fell quite a bit before falling off the balcony. i am a recovering alcoholic and had that bac many times. i was covered in bruises and fractured my foot and had several serious head injuries. i was this drunk many times. i woke up one time alone in my house with two black eyes, to this day, i have yet to figure it out. try talking to an alcoholic next time you cant figure iut how someone got so many injuries. These people didnt kill her. they were friends with her..get out of here with all that...

Jul 13th








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What Happened to Tamla Horsford?

What Happened to Tamla Horsford?

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