DiscoverOne Small BiteWhat Is ARFID and How To Treat It with Grace Wong
What Is ARFID and How To Treat It with Grace Wong

What Is ARFID and How To Treat It with Grace Wong

Update: 2021-10-06


Welcome back mis amigos! 
Tune in as Grace Wong and David Orozco discuss a newly recognized eating disorder, ARFID.  ARFID stands for Aversive Restrictive Food Intake Disorder and professionals are just now starting to understand it. 

Topics we cover include… 

  • What is ARFID?
  • Who is likely to develop ARFID
  • Assumptions in eating disorders
  • How trauma affects eating 
  • Treatment of ARFID

 Introducing Our Guest 

Grace is a registered dietitian in Canada specializes in feeding and eating disorders.  She has been practicing as a dietitian for over 17 years, primarily in eating disorders, pediatrics, and mental health.  Grace works with clients of all ages living with feeding and eating disorders through a developmental lens.  She is experienced in working with co-existing conditions such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, sensory-based challenges, complex medical conditions, addictions and trauma.  Besides her clinical practice, she provides training and supervision for professionals in Canada and overseas.  She has written and developed various professional guidelines and papers on ARFID.  Grace is currently working with a group of multidisciplinary colleagues in developing the Responsive Feeding Therapy framework and resources to support this therapy approach.


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What Is ARFID and How To Treat It with Grace Wong

What Is ARFID and How To Treat It with Grace Wong

Grace Wong