DiscoverChurch with Jesse Lee PetersonWhat Is Sanity? | Church 1/22/23
What Is Sanity? | Church 1/22/23

What Is Sanity? | Church 1/22/23

Update: 2023-01-22


Do protests do any good? Do you fight with God? People struggle in unforgiveness, starting with mothers. What is sanity?

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, January 22, 2023: Singer-songwriter Lijie performs a live song "Take Me As I Am." // Question: Have major protests ever resulted in good in America? One man thinks the $15 per hour minimum wage is good, but that's union exploitation. Human nature is wicked. //

One man the rituals of the Catholic church help build faith, and says in his anger he boxes with God. A woman in recovery from alcoholism similarly struggles with passion. Do you feel pressure to be perfect? Do you believe you can be perfect? Never try to figure out the things of God. The mind is of darkness. Do you believe you can have perfect peace? Most people love their resentment and hell, as a warm blanket. //

Forgive your mother: A lady became like her mother, yet she can't stand her. Another man fears "hurting" his mother. One person's father couldn't deal with her: How can a child deal with a mother, if a grown man cannot? Two grown men still live with their mothers. //

Biblical Question: What is sanity? Different people answer. JLP says: Sanity is a clear mind. In the TV series "The Chosen," Jesus tells Mary Magdalene her vices are not her. It's the same with all of us. Forgive mama, and stay with Silent Prayer to overcome thoughts to have the mind of God. // Bible verses on thoughts: 2 Corinthians 10: 5, Romans 12: 2, and Proverbs 4: 23 //

New Biblical Question: Why do you get involved with your own problems? // Closing: Work on being aware. //

0:00:00 Sun, Jan 22, 2023
0:01:55 Welcome to Church
0:03:18 Lijie - "Take Me As I Am"
0:08:03 Have protests done good?
0:17:48 $15/hr minimum wage, unions
0:23:15 Human nature is wicked
0:24:41 Catholic rituals: Boxing with God?
0:33:01 Passionate alcoholic argues with God too
0:39:31 Unconscious talk, rituals
0:43:02 Pressure to be perfect
0:48:01 Never try to figure out the things of God
0:50:56 A little bit of anger is the same as a lot
1:05:55 Most love their hell. Do you want to overcome it?
1:09:23 I've become like my mother who bugs me most
1:12:53 I don't want to hurt my mother
1:16:51 My father couldn’t deal with my mother
1:18:28 Grown men living with mama
1:23:10 Biblical Q: What is sanity?
1:30:43 JLP: Sanity is a clear mind
1:37:00 Mary Magdalene: Vices are not you.
1:45:38 Forgive mama (expensive funerals, alcoholic identity)
1:53:46 What is silent prayer?
1:57:27 Bible verses on thoughts
1:59:06 New BQ: Why you get involved with your problems?
2:01:13 Closing: Work on being aware




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What Is Sanity? | Church 1/22/23

What Is Sanity? | Church 1/22/23

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