What Is Sex?

What Is Sex?

Update: 2020-09-24


What is sex? Nudity? Bodies? Orgasms? Maybe that’s just the tip of the... something. Our panel discusses. Logan Pierce returns to talk about gender pronouns and deadnaming. Deb R. Lewis shares a fantastical fisting story. And Karen’s Sermon on the Pubic Mound about getting out of a sexual straitjacket.

  • Panel discussion with writer Jera Brown of Rebellious Magazine, sex coach Caitlin V Neal, and kinkster and Dom Peter (aka MksThingsHappin) on “What is sex?”, defining it for ourselves, and reflecting on what we want out of sexual interactions. Recorded at our very first live show, in October 2018.
  • Storyteller, educator, and Wild & Sublime’s favorite leatherdyke Deb R. Lewis shares a tale of fisting fantasia. (Be prepared to swoon.) Recorded live at our first anniversary show, October 2019.
  • What’s Up with That?: We chat about terms in the sex and gender realm that may need more discussion. Sexuality & gender educator Logan Pierce speaks with Karen about gender pronouns, getting comfortable with language that’s new to us, and asking others to use the words that fit us best.
  • Sermon on the Pubic Mound: Karen talks about busting out of “sexual straitjackets” and assumptions about what we have to be doing when we have sex.


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What Is Sex?

What Is Sex?

Karen Yates