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What Is Your Biggest Travel Pet Peeve as a Business Owner?

What Is Your Biggest Travel Pet Peeve as a Business Owner?

Update: 2020-01-271


At first glance, traveling for work can seem like one of the most exciting perks of being a small business owner. Unfortunately, the jet setting lifestyle isn't always as enjoyable as you might think and can often lead to unpleasant situations with your fellow travelers. In this episode, Gene Marks and Elizabeth Larkin share some of their biggest travel pet peeves and how to avoid committing them yourself.

Executive Summary

2:08 —Today's Topic: What Are Your Biggest Traveling Pet Peeves as a Small Business Owner?

2:32 —Because many travelers like to use their flight time to rest or gather their thoughts, forcing someone to engage in social interaction can be a big turnoff.

7:48 —While it might seem more comfortable, walking to the airplane bathroom in just your socks or bare feet might bother some of your fellow travelers.

8:14 —Treating the flight attendants and staff in a rude manner is not only unnecessary, but will reflect very poorly on you and your business.

8:28 —Be courteous with your belongings. Don't try to squeeze an oversized suitcase into the overhead bins if it doesn't fit, and don't move other passengers' suitcases without their permission.

9:20 —Don't let your impatience get the better of you; try to avoid crowding the gate area because it actually slows down the boarding process.

10:23 —If you decide to watch a movie or listen to music during the flight, have some consideration for your other passengers and wear earbuds.

11:19 —When you're waiting in the lounge, try to keep your talking at a conversational volume so that you don't disturb other travelers.

12:55 —Given the amount of work that airline employees do to ensure our safety, we as travelers really should not take out our frustrations on them.


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Elizabeth: Welcome back to a special episode of the Small Biz Ahead podcast.

Gene: What is so special about this episode, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: This is a "stump Gene" episode-

Gen: Okay.

Elizabeth: So I know what the question is because I made the question up and I'm going to stump Gene because he doesn't know what the question is. Actually, you're not going to be stumped. I feel like you're going to have a long list of responses to this.

Gene: And, by the way, if you're a listener of this podcast, the questions that we have that are sent into us, yes, I get them in advance. I know what the questions are anyway. I mean, what am I going to completely operate in the dark? I want to make sure I'm prepared to answer these questions.

Elizabeth: Yeah, exactly.

Gene: But this one, I do not know at all.

Elizabeth: You don't know what it is.

Gene: Complete surprise.

Elizabeth: I've made it up. It's a question from me and it's based on something very interesting I read last week that I really enjoyed that we'll link in the show notes. So when you come back after hearing from our sponsor, we'll dive into this new topic.

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What Is Your Biggest Travel Pet Peeve as a Business Owner?

What Is Your Biggest Travel Pet Peeve as a Business Owner?

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