DiscoverSomething You Should KnowWhat Makes You Who You Are & Could You Be A Genius?
What Makes You Who You Are & Could You Be A Genius?

What Makes You Who You Are & Could You Be A Genius?

Update: 2020-09-246


Everyone knows what “riding shotgun” means. And most people think they know where it came from, which is from the days of stagecoaches. But that is not exactly correct. This episode begins by revealing the real origins of the phrase. Source: Cecil Adams author of The Straight Dope (

What are you? It’s a fascinating question because we often don’t think about what we are made of. It turns out we are made from atoms that have been recycled and have been parts of stars, dinosaurs and even other people. Science writer Brian Clegg author of the book What Do You Think You Are? The Science of What Makes You You ( reveals the latest science about what goes in to making you - you and how you are different from everything else on this planet and in the universe. 

If you ever got a bad grade in school, you were probably told to work harder to get better at that subject. While maybe that is a good idea sometimes, it basically sends the message that you should try to improve at things you are not especially good at. And that turns out to be some pretty bad advice, as I explain. Source: Kathryn D. Cramer, PhD, author of Change The Way You See Everything (

What do you think of when you think of a genius? Is it how smart someone is or is it much more than that? Can anyone be a genius or is it something you are born with. Joining me to discuss the whole concept of genius is Professor Craig Wright, creator of Yale University’s popular “Genius Course” and who has devoted more than two decades to exploring the nature of genius. He is author of the book The Hidden Habits of Genius ( and I think you will be surprised by what he has to say about genius and encouraged by your chances of becoming one. 

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Richard Thompson

Really like this Podcast. most subjects are very informative even if it is not a subject I am interested in. Well done.

Sep 26th


This guest creeps me out. He sounds like a cartoon figure from the past, can't put my finger on who....

Sep 25th
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What Makes You Who You Are & Could You Be A Genius?

What Makes You Who You Are & Could You Be A Genius?

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