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What Movies And TV Get Wrong About Ham Radio

What Movies And TV Get Wrong About Ham Radio

Update: 2021-02-05


On this week's episode of Ham Radio Crash Course, a podcast roughly based on amateur radio, hosted by Josh Nass, KI6NAZ and his no license wife, Leah, we talk about the best antennas, the longest emails corner yet and what TV and movies get wrong about ham radio. Record breaking, longest podcast ever posted to HRCC.


Ham Radio Minute: What is the best antenna? HTs, Mobile and HF.
Link to Signal Stick:

Podcast Reviews: We, like, really like reviews. Thanks for those iTunes ratings. They help the podcast reach more people to grow the hobby! 

Leah’s Email Corner: We walk about the Abbree and Coaxsher Chest Harness.
Sending ham to non ham communication via APRS and Winlink. 
Sight Challenged / Blind ham radio operations. Handiham provides information for hams with disabilities. If you have more resources, please email us! 
PC software options for the IC-7100.

Power Outage Order of Operations of David KM6DOV. Write in with your own Order of Operations!
Technician exam study aids from Alex in Alaska. 
QST Magazine being a big value in ARRL membership. 
CW learning resources. and
And lastly, congrats to Josh on winning the 2020 Bill Leonard W2SKE Professional Media Award for Video Reporting.


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Technician Crash Course: Not going to spoil it but Josh was so excited about this week’s exam review with Leah.  
Drinks: After Josh made fun of Leah’s in-home juice bar, he finally sees the error of his ways when Leah makes a juice medley to go with today’s vodka, club soda and citrus juice drink. There’s not a name but if there was, it would likely be a skinny screwdriver. I bet you weren’t aware that screwdrivers came in any different sizes but we don’t body shame screwdrivers. 
Show topic: Josh talks about all the things that drive him a little nutty about ham radio portrayals in TV and Movies. Stranger Things, Walking Dead, Die Hard, Contact, just to name a few. 


Thank you all for listening to the podcast.  We have alot of fun making it and the fact you listen and send us feedback means alot to us!  

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What Movies And TV Get Wrong About Ham Radio

What Movies And TV Get Wrong About Ham Radio

Josh Nass KI6NAZ