What To Do After a Stroke: IMPORTANT

What To Do After a Stroke: IMPORTANT

Update: 2020-05-251


In this podcast, I talk about what to do after a stroke. Now, it’s vital to do these things to help restore brain function and prevent more damage. 

When you have a stroke, it causes something called hypoxia. This is a situation where you have low oxygen in the brain and damaged brain tissue. The brain needs a lot of oxygen. Although the brain only makes up 2% of body tissue, it uses 20% of your oxygen.

What you need to do is focus on increasing oxygen in the brain. To restore oxygen to the brain after a stroke, do these 7 things: 

1. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy - This forces pure oxygen into the body. I recommend doing this right away. 

2. Ketones - A keto diet and intermittent fasting will increase ketones and give your brain more oxygen. 

3. DHA - This is an Omega-3 fatty acid that can help improve a damaged brain. 

4. Vitamin D - This powerful vitamin can help a damaged brain.

5. Lots of exercise - Excercise helps flood the body and brain with oxygen. 

6. Acute Intermittent hypoxia - This creates a hormetic effect that can stimulate certain genes to increase the growth of brain tissue. 

7. Whole vitamin C - The whole complex of vitamin C can help strengthen blood vessels and prevent future strokes. 

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What To Do After a Stroke: IMPORTANT

What To Do After a Stroke: IMPORTANT

Dr. Eric Berg