What To Watch! | August 2022 - 875

What To Watch! | August 2022 - 875

Update: 2022-08-17


Welcome to Chalene’s newest installment in her What To Watch series!

Today, she’ll share a variety of streaming shows she 1) recently watched and 2) highly recommends. She’ll also explain why you may or may NOT like her suggestions. 

Extra: Chalene lets you in on her own must-watch-but-haven’t-seen-yet list.

Tip: Grab a pen and paper because you’ll definitely want to be taking some notes!


List of the Shows to Watch:

  • Girl in the Picture
    • Documentary on Netflix - 1hr 40m
  • The Perfect Bid - The Contestant Who Knew Too Much
    • Documentary on Prime - 1hr 12m
  • Machine Gun Kelly’s Life in Pink
    • Documentary on Hulu - 1hr 41m
  • Victoria Secret: Angels & Demons
    • Docu-series on Hulu - 3-part (1hr/each)
  • Peter Nygard: Behind the Mask
    • Docu-series on Discovery+ - 4 episodes
  • Temptation Island
    • Reality Series (Reboot) on Bravo (Season 4) - 12eps (42m/ea)
  • The Most Hated Man on the Internet
    • Docu-series on Netflix - 3-part (45-60m/each)
  • Paris in Love - 
    • Reality Show on Peacock - 13eps (45m/each)
  • Aftershock
    • Doc on Hulu - 1hr 26m

Just Added

Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist - On Netflix


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What To Watch! | August 2022 - 875

What To Watch! | August 2022 - 875

Chalene Johnson