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What We’ve Learned About the Coronavirus

What We’ve Learned About the Coronavirus

Update: 2020-06-1559


States are reopening. Parks are crowded. Restaurants are filling, again, with diners. But is this dangerous? Six months into the pandemic, we reflect on what we’ve learned about the virus — and ask how that knowledge should chart the course forward. Guest: Donald G. McNeil Jr., a science and health reporter for The New York Times. For more information on today’s episode, visit 

Background reading: 

  • As New York businesses reopened, Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned that a second wave of infections was almost inevitable if residents did not abide by social-distancing rules. “It will come,” he said. “And once it comes, it’s too late.” 
  • Restrictions are easing across the United States, but Arizona, Florida and Texas are reporting their highest case numbers yet. As of Saturday, coronavirus cases were climbing in 22 states.
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Jun 22nd

John Bailey

I'm surprised that no mentions are made about some very important learnings. First, no mention of the mounting evidence that children under 12 years are neither at risk or spreaders. Pretty big implications. Second, modeling in Europe to validate inputs to replicate what has actually happened in Germany and the UK indicates that more than 60 % of the populations are not vulnerable at all. Third more and more evidence indicates that mortality rate is .005 % or even less than .003%. Take these latter two findings together and they imply that once the USA hits 165000 deaths it will attain herd immunity. This may happen by August.

Jun 18th

Max Cameron Mauer

Has no reporter ever heard of chicago Illinois? We have been ranked consistently as the 3rd or 4th highest covid count throughout this whole ordeal, but no one seems to mentions it. Why is it that NOLA and Detroit get so much more media attention?

Jun 15th

Joseph Crawford

talk about the revised death rates you narrative peddling POS NYT

Jun 15th
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What We’ve Learned About the Coronavirus

What We’ve Learned About the Coronavirus