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What Will the Battle of Kyiv Look Like?

What Will the Battle of Kyiv Look Like?

Update: 2022-03-141


Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, it has been apparent that Moscow's strategic goal is to remove the current government and replace it with a Russian-friendly regime. Because cities are the economic and political centers of power for nations, it is no surprise that the capital city of Kyiv has been the decisive objective from the very start. The fight for Kyiv is the only battle that matters in this war. In this special episode, John Spencer discusses what the battle will look like. He breaks down the key steps Russia or any other military force would have to take to achieve its objectives in this city attack and the tactics and approaches Ukrainian defenders are likely to adopt to stop the attackers from succeeding. He also provides important historical context—how past large-scale combat operations in cities might help predict the future of the battle for Kyiv.

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Brandon Miles

see, I read the descriptions of some of these podcasts and they make me think "it would be good, were it not based entirely on a narrative following lockstep with Western mainstream media" which is, of course, in lock step with the state department and intelligence agencies, which are in lock step with the defense industry and Wall Street, because that's who owns the US government and gives them their narratives and goals. "To install a Russian-friendly" government not only just doesn't match up with any of the stated goals that anyone familiar with this conflict would recognize, but is literally projecting what the US did to Ukraine in 2014, which started and fueled much (not all) of the conflict that culminated in what's happening today. although, it would be obvious that having a Russian friendly leader in Ukraine would likely solve much of the goals of Russia, to dumb everything down to that is at best short sighted and naive, and at worst a blatant misrepresentation during a time in which all opposing narratives are being censored all through the West. I'll give it a listen anyways, though, with the hopes that it's simply short-sighted, because it sounds more like actual tactical strategy than political strategy

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What Will the Battle of Kyiv Look Like?

What Will the Battle of Kyiv Look Like?

John Spencer