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What You Risk By Using A Bad Sounding Headset On Your Business Calls

What You Risk By Using A Bad Sounding Headset On Your Business Calls

Update: 2022-10-04


In this episode you'll find  out what the pitfalls are when you use a headset with poor sound quality on your business calls. If that's what you're using, you're risking more than you think. But the good news is there are some excellent solutions, and in this episode, I'll share two headsets that can make you sound like a Rock God, and slays background noise like Slash himself.

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If you're talking with Grandma, it doesn't dip into your income if you're using a headset that sounds bad. But, can you say the same thing if you're using that same headset for your business calls? I'd argue that you have far more risk if you do.

First, when you sound bad, you can sound bad in a number of ways

  • You can sound like you're a hundred miles away.
  • You might sound like you're talking from a Cave in Crete
  • You might be cutting in, and cutting out
  • You might have so much static that your callers think they're hearing morse code.

However bad sound quality is defined, the one thing all those differing definitiions have in common is customers don't like it.  They don't like it when they can't hear you. They don't like it when you sound is echoy. They don't like it when they only hear bits of your conversation, and for sure they don't  want to hear all that noise going on around you.

So if you want to get a clear message across to those you're  talking to, you're putting that objective at risk when you use a poor sounding headset. Your callers might formulate a poor opinion of you based on the impression you're giving them by using bad equipment. 

These days nobody can really come up with a  good reason why they don't use a good sounding, high quality headset with a professional sounding microphone. There are many that do a great job, and we even offer a monthly program with headsets that start at just $2.00 per  month. Professional  sounding headsets have never been more affordable  as they are today.

Give your customers a better sounding call experience because they deserve that, and the truth is, so do you. 

Two excellent headsets that will make you sound  great, and give your callers a noise free call are:

  1. The Orosound Tilde Pro
  2. The Jabra Engage 50 II

We've tested both of  these headsets, and both sound excellent, and they both remove unwanted background noise extremely well.

If you'd like to see our reviews and sound tests, just head over to our Headset Advisor  Youtube channel, and search for Orosound Tilde  Pro, and Jabra Engage 50 II.

In the meantime, if we can answer any questions or assist you in any way, make  sure to reach out to us at Headset Advisor. You can call, email,  text or chat live with us.

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And  if the budget's tight, we do have a monthly headset lease program that can make acquiring new headsets extremely affordable.









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What You Risk By Using A Bad Sounding Headset On Your Business Calls

What You Risk By Using A Bad Sounding Headset On Your Business Calls

Doug Merritt