DiscoverThis Is Actually HappeningWhat if your son stabbed your daughter? - [Rebroadcast #128]
What if your son stabbed your daughter? - [Rebroadcast #128]

What if your son stabbed your daughter? - [Rebroadcast #128]

Update: 2023-08-016


Today we begin our annual 6-week summer rebroadcast series. We’ll be on hiatus starting today and will return with all new episodes starting September 12th. Also, a reminder, last week our friends of the show Elly and T started their own companion podcast, called Trauma Bonded where they discuss and dissect This Is Actually Happening episodes. They’ll be releasing new episodes throughout the break and throughout next season as well, so check out Trauma Bonded if you want a deeper dive into the show. Today’s rebroadcast episode “What if your son stabbed your daughter?” originally aired as episode 128 on March 19th, 2019.

Escaping a dysfunctional family background and finally raising a wonderful family of her own, a woman’s son commits a shocking crime that throws everything into chaos.


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Content/Trigger Warnings: explicit language

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What if your son stabbed your daughter? - [Rebroadcast #128]

What if your son stabbed your daughter? - [Rebroadcast #128]