What is Ghostwriting?

What is Ghostwriting?

Update: 2021-03-11


Have you read a book penned by a #ghostwriter? How would you know? What does that mean anyway? Does it mean the #book is better? Worse? Does it mean the name on the #book cover is fake?

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I interviewed two writers who not only write their own works, but who have in the past or who presently work as a #ghostwriter -- Laura T. Johnson and K.T. Bond.

Join me as I chat with them about the what it means to be a #ghostwriter. How does a #ghostwriter work with #writers? I think you will find this conversaton fascinating. I know I did.

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Here's more about KT Bond:

If KT Bond were a car, this would be her general description...

Make: Female
Model: Jamaican
Mileage: Over 21

...and she'd be colored red.

Yes, KT loves cars. Too, she's a retired English educator, a lapsed Ph. D. candidate, and a member of the Romance Writers of America. She reads, cooks, sings, and sometimes walks on the dirt road where she lives. And she's thinking of taking up needlework. 

KT was writing for a very long time before starting her second career as a ghostwriter. Now she writes her own stories because "the most powerful story is a love story. We lose ourselves in it, and find ourselves there, too." Visit her here where she shares "the joy of love one story at a time."


Here's more about Laura T. Johnson:

Laura T. Johnson is the author of Where Would I Be and Unbalanced (Series). Laura was first bitten by the writing bug eight years ago. While reading her journal she began to realize that her story could possibly help others who were going through the same thing.

In 2006, Laura was the victim of an abusive relationship that lasted for two and half years. The relationship was volatile from the beginning. 

In 2009, Laura began to write her first novel. She thought, as her mother had told her many times before that she was not the only woman who had or will ever go through something like this.  Her first novel, Where Would I Be, becam an Amazon bestselling novel.

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Facebook - @LauraTJohnson









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What is Ghostwriting?

What is Ghostwriting?

KT Bond/Author and Laura T. Johnson/Author