What is Hormesis?

What is Hormesis?

Update: 2020-07-081


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In this podcast, I want to answer a few questions about hormesis. What does hormesis mean, and how does hormesis work? 

What is hormesis? — Hormesis is a condition where you’re adding some stress or some toxicity in a small amount, and it’s very beneficial, compared to a larger amount where it becomes toxic. 

Hormesis examples:

 • Exercise can be very beneficial and can make you fit over time. However, if you’re 50 or 60 years old and you haven’t been working out, and you do Crossfit for two hours, you’re going to have a toxic effect from that. 

 • Fasting is very beneficial in a certain amount. But, if you fast for too long, you could end up having a toxic effect. 

• Phytonutrients are very beneficial in a small amount. However, if you consume a concentrated amount of foods with phytonutrients, it can have a toxic effect.

• Very small amounts of alcohol may be beneficial. But, too much alcohol can be toxic.

• A small amount of UV light is great, too much is bad.

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What is Hormesis?

What is Hormesis?

Dr. Eric Berg