DiscoverSomething You Should KnowWhat to Do When Things Go Wrong & Fascinatingly Gross Things in Everyday Life
What to Do When Things Go Wrong & Fascinatingly Gross Things in Everyday Life

What to Do When Things Go Wrong & Fascinatingly Gross Things in Everyday Life

Update: 2021-04-018


What’s the fastest insect? How long does a common housefly live? How many kinds of insects are there in the world? Now that spring is here and the bugs are back, this episode begins with some interesting facts about bugs and insects you may not know.

 No matter how well you plan, things can - and often do - go wrong. Even though you seldom know what will go wrong there are some ways to plan for it according to Frank Supovitz author of the book What to Do When Things Go Wrong ( As an event producer, Frank has had to become skilled at planning for the possibility that things won’t go as planned and he has some ideas we can all use to prepare for the worst while we hope for the best. As former VP for the NFL, Frank used to plan the Super Bowl and was the man in charge that day when there was a blackout in the stadium in the middle of Super Bowl 47. Listen to how he handled that and what you can learn from it.

There are a lot of things in nature that most of us find disgusting. Yet as disgusting as they are they are still pretty interesting according the Erika Engelhaupt, writer and editor for National Geographic and author of the book Gory Details : Adventures from the Dark of Science ( Listen as she explains how tiny bugs live in your pores on you face, how “fatbergs” (like icebergs except made of fat and sludge) flow under our cities, how gross peeing in the pool really is, what ants actually taste like and much more.

Your credit score is important to your financial health but it is often misunderstood. Listen as I explain some of the finer points of keeping your FICO as high as possible - particularly something called “credit utilization.”


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What to Do When Things Go Wrong & Fascinatingly Gross Things in Everyday Life

What to Do When Things Go Wrong & Fascinatingly Gross Things in Everyday Life

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