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When Violence is the Answer with Tim Larkin

When Violence is the Answer with Tim Larkin

Update: 2022-04-06


Too often people seek training after they’ve had an encounter or violent situation. Criminals look to exploit us for one thing that we all possess. Listen on to find out what that is. Today’s guest is Tim Larkin. Tim is the founder and creator of Target Focus Training and is well known for self-defense and close combat training. During the last 20 years, he has trained not only law enforcement, the US Navy Seals, Army Special Forces, and the US Border Patrol, but also corporate clientele from around the world. He is an author and a public speaker in over 40 countries. 

Show Notes:

  • [0:52 ] - Tim describes his background and how he found himself passionate about combat and combat training.
  • [2:43 ] - Initially, Tim’s goal was to become a Navy Seal.
  • [3:39 ] - Tim’s eardrum was busted during a dive with the Navy Seals, and he lost control of his body. This injury changed his career trajectory.
  • [6:02 ] - Because of his extensive training in hand-to-hand combat, Tim became involved in a different program.
  • [7:50 ] - At the time of 9/11, Tim began working with civilians.
  • [9:02 ] - You should always be proactive.
  • [10:58 ] -  Mentally, the injury was devastating for Tim.
  • [13:29 ] - None of the experiences he has had would have happened if he had the traditional Seal career he planned on.
  • [16:26 ] - Once someone experiences something challenging, they then become proactive to make it not happen again.
  • [17:49 ] - The biggest threat is the smartphone. 
  • [19:18 ] - To demonstrate this danger, Tim shares the story of a bus robbery. You can watch the video here.
  • [21:49 ] - Behavior with your phone becomes second nature.
  • [23:04 ] - We spend our downtime on the smartphone, but Tim always keeps one ear out.
  • [26:03 ] - There are tons of positives about smartphone technology, but in public, it can be used against you.
  • [27:46 ] - Tim shows how to detect a possible predator with a personal anecdote.
  • [30:41 ] - We can’t pick out predators. It is impossible to tell as they blend in.
  • [32:15 ] - Tim interacts with everyone assuming they are violent to ensure safety.
  • [33:26 ] - As a society, we can get away with a lot of different types of social interactions, but anything you do or say can trigger someone else.
  • [35:33 ] - If you understand the predator's role, everything is backed up by the possibility of violence.
  • [38:10 ] - Highly recommended is Robert Green’s book Law of Human Nature.
  • [39:59 ] - Study human behavior and you’ll learn about others and yourself.
  • [42:00 ] - When is it okay to use the tool of violence? When you are devoid of choice.
  • [43:15 ] - Women tend to me more in tuned to non-verbal cues than men.
  • [44:36 ] - The more you learn about human nature, you have these tools you can reference.
  • [46:10 ] - Tim gives some examples of when violence is the answer.
  • [48:29 ] - When your life's on the line, you need to have tools at the ready.
  • [50:03 ] - There are parts of the body that you simply cannot protect. The goal is to take the brain out of the equation.
  • [52:00 ] - For criminals, violence is their currency.
  • [53:51 ] - Tim explains what cause state is.
  • [56:12 ] - Your brain is incredible and if you give it permission, it will solve problems.

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When Violence is the Answer with Tim Larkin

When Violence is the Answer with Tim Larkin

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