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Where We Stand on the Pandemic

Where We Stand on the Pandemic

Update: 2020-08-2552


In the U.S., emergency-use authorization has been granted for convalescent plasma, the efficacy of which is yet to be robustly tested. For some, this echoes the situation with hydroxychloroquine and the government’s subsequent U-turn on its rollout.

Meanwhile, America’s infection rate appears to be flattening out — but at tens of thousands of cases per day. This stands in stark contrast to China, where daily cases are under 40.

Overseas, a Hong Kong resident has been reinfected with the virus, the first recorded instance of a second bout. And Russia and China have begun distributing vaccines, sidestepping Phase 3 safety trials to the incredulity of immunologists and vaccine executives.

We check back in with Donald G. McNeil Jr. on the coronavirus and the impact of these developments.

Guest: Donald G. McNeil Jr., a science and health reporter for The New York Times 

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Sasha Anne Lyn

What exactk6 is Americabreally first at anymore?That still so many American people listen and beleive the blatant mistriths of the Republican leadership teally gives me pause for any hope for the United States. I think it is clear that the country is overrun with religious bigotry, racism, authoritarianism and extreme profiteering which is all bundled and sold to an undereducated (or selfish) mass under the guise of 'America First'.

Aug 25th

Jared Poulter

The payment for plasma has gone up quite a bit since that guy was in college. I get about $400/ month for my plasma.

Aug 25th
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Where We Stand on the Pandemic

Where We Stand on the Pandemic