DiscoverModern Agent Podcast - For New and Stuck Real Estate AgentsWhere can you get the support you need as a new agent?
Where can you get the support you need as a new agent?

Where can you get the support you need as a new agent?

Update: 2019-07-16


Congratulations, you got your real estate what?

There are close to 1.4Million Realtors in the united states.  1.4 Million!!!  With new Realtors joining our ranks all the time.  How are you going to make sure that, not only are you NOT part of the 84% of new Realtors that don't make it, but that can stand out from the crown and succeed?

Before you go down the road of worrying about zillow leads etc etc.  Learn and master your craft!  Take inventory of all of the resources available to you that can help you be a great Realtor. 

Learn your contracts inside and out.  Learn to be a great negotiator.  Learn how to utilize the information available to you in the MLS.  Learn the market.  Know the numbers.

Ideally your broker will help with this.  Unfortunately in my market we see many brokers being too busy, or perhaps simply uninterested in helping their agents become better agents.  Better stewards of the industry.  They just want to collect their portion of the commissions and recruit more agents.

Turn to your local association.  Here at the Emerald Coast Association of Realtors in NWFL where I work we are lucky to have a fantastic association who is very education centric.  We have FREE education offered almost daily!  MLS, Contract, Core Law, Ethics, Negotiation, you name it we have it available.  We do have to pay for the designation classes but thats expected. 

I recommend getting involved with the association in some fashion.  I joined a couple of committees last year and got a lot out of it, so this year I continued on with one of my committees and joined another new one.  Right now I am trying to figure out which committees I want to be part of next year.  In these committees you will find other great Realtors who have a desire to give back to the Realtor community.  Some of these agents will Mentor you and be happy to share ideas and strategies....sometimes even more so than agents in your own office.

My point again is, this is your business.  We as Realtors are told all the time that we are Entrepreneurs who run our own business.  So act like it and be professional, not for your broker, or your team...but because YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL so ACT LIKE IT!  Educate yourself, master your craft, deliver excellent service to your clients and build the business you always wanted!

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Thanks - see you next week!

Our host Rick Gonzalez is a Realtor with REAL Brokerage LLC in the NW Florida Panhandle, and Team Leader of the Anchor Here Group.  Rick is a US Navy Veteran.  Rick also founded The Freeport Insider, a local community on social media helping to support his small but rapidly growing community.  Rick has also served as the Vice President of his local Freeport Merchants Association helping educate, market and support the local business in his market.  Rick is a Son, Husband to his wonderfully supportive and beautiful wife Katrina, and Father to 3 amazing kids Olivia, Alexzander and Hannah.

You can find Rick online at:

@modernagentpodcast on IG

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Lets talk about Trust!


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Where can you get the support you need as a new agent?

Where can you get the support you need as a new agent?

Rick Gonzalez