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Where is Merrick Garland?

Where is Merrick Garland?

Update: 2022-08-10


36 hours removed from the despicable raid of President Trump’s home at Mar-A-Lago, Charlie breaks down all the latest intelligence and updates the story as news breaks in the course of recording this episode—including a bombshell, albeit confusing article just published in Newsweek detailing an FBI whistleblower. He walks through what we know about the purportedly classified documents at the center of this scandal, lays out the apparent lack of involvement from the White House in its planning and execution of the raid, and details reported from the scene about the length, depth, and bizarrely thorough nature of the operation. But more importantly—Charlie attempts to flesh out what we still do not know about the August 8th Fiasco, asking the biggest question of all still left unanswered: Where is Attorney General Merrick Garland and what can we infer from his uncharacteristic 3-day silence? In his attempt to get to the bottom of that, he shares a recurring thought amongst listeners, pundits, and political observers on all sides of the issue—that the FBI, DOJ, and Merrick Garland just gave the 45th President the greatest campaign launchpad in the history of American Politics. Finally, however, Charlie points out that we shouldn't get too comfortable just yet, given the equally-unprecedented development surrounding the seizure of Representative Scott Perry's cell phone. What comes next? Charlie will tell you when to be worried, but stay tuned—now that The Rubicon has been crossed, that moment may be here sooner than you think.

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Gina Michalak

There is zero percent chance that Garland didn't know about this raid beforehand.

Aug 11th
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Where is Merrick Garland?

Where is Merrick Garland?

Charlie Kirk