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Where is Tegan Lane?

Where is Tegan Lane?

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Between the ages of 17 and 24, Keli Lane had two abortions and gave birth to three babies, all without the knowledge of her mother Sandra or her police officer father Robert. Not only that, but her five pregnancies occurred while Keli was playing water polo at a national level and spent most of her time in a swim suit.

Keli’s 4th child, Tegan Lane, born in 1996, went home with Keli two days after her birth.  Keli was at a friend’s wedding that evening and not a word was spoken about her newborn daughter.  Tegan was never seen again.

Investigators believe that Keli killed Tegan, disposing of her body before her family and friends could learn of the infant’s existence.  Keli claims that she gave Tegan to her biological father and he disappeared with the baby.  Keli’s supporters appear to believe her story, but what is the likelihood that this man and Tegan would not be found?  More mysterious, perhaps, are the reasons for Keli’s multiple hidden pregnancies and overall strange behavior.

Today’s story is one of the oddest we have covered.  There are gaping holes in Keli Lane’s story, but also, there is no physical evidence that Tegan is dead. Join us today for a true mystery from Australia, Where is Tegan Lane?

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Liesl Manone

Does this idiot not know that there are ways to prevent pregnancy?

Mar 6th
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Where is Tegan Lane?

Where is Tegan Lane?

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