DiscoverHidden ForcesWhite Sun War: The Campaign for Taiwan | General Mick Ryan
White Sun War: The Campaign for Taiwan | General Mick Ryan

White Sun War: The Campaign for Taiwan | General Mick Ryan

Update: 2023-06-26


In Episode 317 of Hidden Forces, Demetri Kofinas speaks with General Mick Ryan. Mick Ryan is an author, strategist, and retired major general who has commanded at multiple levels in the Australian Army and served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and East Timor.

After decades of brinkmanship and confrontation, the United States and China finally go to war when China invades the island of Taiwan. This is the premise that General Mick Ryan explores in his latest book “White Sun War: The Campaign for Tawain.”

In an era when humans no longer just use machines but partner with them in all aspects of military operations, this fictional account views this future war through the eyes of the Americans, Chinese, and Taiwanese caught up in the maelstrom, revealing the heartbreak, courage, leadership, and despair of high-tech warfare played out on land, at sea, in space, and in cyberspace.

Mick Ryan and Demetri discuss some of the various scenarios by which the PLA might begin such a campaign, the base estimates for casualties that could stem from such a conflict, the exploitability of our internal division, the unique importance of Japan, its navy, and its bases in any defense of the island, the capacity of the US industrial base to sustain such a conflict, and much more.

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Episode Recorded on  06/19/2023

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White Sun War: The Campaign for Taiwan | General Mick Ryan

White Sun War: The Campaign for Taiwan | General Mick Ryan

Demetri Kofinas