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Who’s Actually Electable in 2020?

Who’s Actually Electable in 2020?

Update: 2019-11-0539


The New York Times and Siena College conducted a major new poll, tackling the biggest questions about the 2020 presidential race: How likely is President Trump to be re-elected and which Democrat is best positioned to defeat him? 

The results reveal that the president remains highly competitive in the battleground states likeliest to decide his re-election, with Democratic candidates struggling to win back the support of white working-class voters who backed Mr. Trump in 2016. 

The poll also presents a snapshot of how the top Democratic candidates might fare in the general election — a critical question for Democratic voters hoping to take back the White House. 

Guest: Nate Cohn, a domestic correspondent for The Upshot at The New York Times. For more information on today’s episode, visit 

Background reading: 

  • The new poll suggests Senator Elizabeth Warren might struggle with some battleground swing voters, and found evidence that both gender bias and ideological doubts were hurting her.
  • The top Democratic presidential candidates are locked in a close race in the Iowa caucuses, a key early test in the nomination race. But there, Ms. Warren currently has a slight edge. 
  • Here are five theories about what “electability” means in the 2020 race.
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Nancy Loomis

is there any way to poll people who voted for Trump only because they wouldn't vote for Clinton...and wouldn't vote for Trump again?

Nov 14th

Nancy Loomis

I was sure about Biden, but then I've had 2nd thoughts, yes the age thing & then maybe he's going to go too easy on the rich & not make corporate America accountable. And will he really take on Big Pharma who've been ripping off Americans for decades? I like Warren, but want choice in healthcare. Harris? Not totally feeling her except I'm sure she could be a pit bull up against Trump in any debate. Mayor B is great. so smart, but don't think America is ready for First "gay husband" in the WH. I'm wishing Amy K was higher in polls b/c she's a moderate. I'm a moderate boomer female & would like to see a female as prez. Sanders is great, but just too far left, and age is issue, but I think he's the most honest politician out there. And I don't have strong feelings about Bloomberg & sort of annoyed he waited so long to enter race. if he wants Dems to flock he better prove himself FAST. Really, there are just too many candidates...lots of good, but just too many.

Nov 14th

Gloria Bravo

The mainstream media keeps trying to shove Warren, Biden, even Buttigeig in our faces, anyone but Bernie, too bad it won't work! I want a candidate whos policies I agree with not who is "electable"... I refuse to pinch my nose and just vote for the Dem nominee. I did it in 2016 and look, we still ended up with dumba** Trump.

Nov 7th
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Danny Davies

Sanders polls higher than 2 of the 3 "electable" candidates covered in this piece. Seriously, wtf.

Nov 5th

Russell Kramer

Tulsi isn't th most progressive but Republicans would drop Trump to vote for her

Nov 5th
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Who’s Actually Electable in 2020?

Who’s Actually Electable in 2020?