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Who Is Reality Winner? with Kerry Howley

Who Is Reality Winner? with Kerry Howley

Update: 2020-01-076


In the summer of 2017, a 25-year-old government contractor exposed detailed evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 election. Reality Winner printed out classified US Intelligence documents, hid the papers in her pantyhose as she left work, and then put them in the mail to The Intercept. The report they published was the first piece of concrete evidence shared with the public proving the United States possessed tangible evidence that Russians hackers attacked American voting systems. After The Intercept published the story, complete with scans of the original papers, authorities immediately traced the leak back to Reality Winner. She was arrested, denied bail, and is now serving 5 years in a federal prison. Kerry Howley wrote an in-depth profile of Reality Winner for New York Magazine and joins to share the compelling story of who Winner is, why she did it, and the severe treatment she's received at the hands of the United States government.


Who Is Reality Winner? by Kerry Howley

The Secret Government by Chris Hayes

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Thank you, Kerry Howley & Chris Hayes for keeping #RealityWinner in the press. Based on what I know, I feel that there are certain things that you got wrong but given the lifetime gag rules that have been put on Reality & her family, this is the best that could be expected. It truly amazes me that people make comments like she broke the rules etc when Flynn was literally committing treason while he was in office & he is getting 6 mos. Better yet, an admitted foreign agent (a spy) working for Russia, Maria Butina, served 6 mos & was returned home to a heroes welcome. And, don't even get me started on Manafort, who literally DID get the Ukrainian president's political opponent " locked up". Something is really wrong w/ the people willing to be so incredibly harsh w/ Reality for alerting us to Russian interference in our elections but so lenient w/ people like Flynn, Butina, Manafort, Papadopoulos & Carter Page. It also truly amazes me that there is not more of a push to get justice for Reality. For more information, please check out

Jan 13th

Tatyana Noyb

Meanwhile all the traitors, old white men, are walking around cheerfully and expecting pardons. Ridiculous. "Double standard" doesn't begin to describe the injustice. :( I signed the petition.

Jan 8th
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Bart Stavisky

I understand completely the situation but she broke the oath to the United States of America which she took. What she did was wrong.

Jan 8th
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Who Is Reality Winner? with Kerry Howley

Who Is Reality Winner? with Kerry Howley