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Who To Trust in Media.

Who To Trust in Media.

Update: 2023-01-18


We’re gearing up and doubling down in 2023. Today, Max makes a couple of big announcements (big to us, at least) before musing on the state of the media. The balance of the show is dedicated to highlighting other great work that we admire and follow. We are all the sum of our experiences. These experiences help cultivate our individual biases. As consumers of UNFTR—and in light of one of our announcements—we thought it appropriate to reveal the media sources we trust. We’re anxious to hear your thoughts as well, so let us know who you rely on for political news and information. 


Sketch: 00:00:05

Intro: 00:03:35

Post Show Musings: 00:36:18


Pew Research Center: News Platform Fact Sheet

Pew Research Center: Measuring News Consumption in a Digital Era

Chartable: Apple Podcasts — United States of America — News

Slate: The New Nightmare Scenario for the Media

Naomi Klein

Cornel West

Yanis Varoufakis

Jeff Sharlet

The Jacobin

Mother Jones

The New York Times

The Marshall Project

Al Jazeera

Murtaza Hussain

Peter Maass

Laura Flynn

Jeremy Scahill

Ryan Grim

Abby Martin

Spencer Ackerman

Laura Flanders

David Sirota

Thom Hartmann

Amy Goodman

Christiane Amanpour


Sam Seder

David Pakman

Jennifer Briney

Congressional Dish

Brad Onishi

Dan Miller

Straight White American Jesus

Danny Bessner

Derek Davison

American Prestige

Richard Wolff

Economic Update

Nick Hanauer

Pitchfork Economics

David McWilliams

Chapo Trap House

Bitchuation Room

Francesca Fiorentini

Best of the Left


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Who To Trust in Media.

Who To Trust in Media.