Who is Tate Siemer?

Who is Tate Siemer?

Update: 2021-12-14


Tate is a man of faith, unwavering faith in knowing that it’s going to work out.  Believing we are all in the same boat and that we all have greatness within ourselves in all aspects of life. It is our responsibility to be the best versions of ourselves so that those around us have a better chance of being great themselves. 

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--Tate Siemer is the visionary behind GreenLight Equity Group and the host of The Apartment Guys Podcast. Tate’s passion is improving (value-adding) high-density, multi-family developments and existing apartment buildings in such a way that maximizes the value of communities in order to provide solid, consistent returns to investors and well-being to residents. Tate’s real estate roots extend back 15 years to when he bought his first multi-family property-a 110-year-old duplex in South Salt Lake City. He has since been a principal in over 40 transactions, and an agent in over 45 investor transactions. He has a vision for sleek, clean, and modern remodel design elements which nicely allows for powerful re-branding and repositioning. Tate works with sellers, wholesalers, lenders, money partners, contractors, and many other contacts to coordinate a robust set of industry relationships. He hosts “The Apartment Guys Podcast” and serves on the Executive Board of the Utah Real Estate Investor Association. He enjoys helping fellow investors and entrepreneurs through mentoring and coaching. Tate’s other passions include big-mountain skiing and mountain biking, music, and hiking with his dog, Joey. --

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Who is Tate Siemer?

Who is Tate Siemer?

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