DiscoverShe's On The MoneyWho you gonna call? (MONEY) MythBusters!
Who you gonna call? (MONEY) MythBusters!

Who you gonna call? (MONEY) MythBusters!

Update: 2020-03-172


IT'S MONEY MYTH BUSTING TIME GUYS! It's no secret that there are a WHOLE lotta money myths out there, from "my dad says investing is a scam" to "the only safe investment is property" and with so much misinformation floating around, it can often be hard to tell fact from fiction. BUT IT'S OKAY GUYS THIS IS WHY WE'RE HERE, THIS IS WHY WE'RE HERE, THIS IS WHY WE'RE HEREEEEE. To help you make sense of the icky contradictory info, we've whipped together an ENTIRE myth busting pod to dispell the myths we hear the most. We hope you learn, laugh, love etc. YEEEHAAAAW our sponsors this week are the marvellous team at Up - the digital bank that makes the balance between spending and saving a whole lot easier. Boasting sleek features like multiple personalised savings accounts (all of which you can earn a great interest rate on!!), a round up feature, the ability to split your pay as soon as it hits your account AND an activity feed that shows you where you are spending your money with brands you're splashing your cash on as well as the locations and purchasing times, Up keeps you accountable and will have you saving like a wizard in no time. Up are gifting all newcomers a delightful ten dollars ($10!!!) by using the code SOTM when they join Up - you'll also receive a sparkly little SOTM inspired welcome pack and a fluoro card (you can't lose it it's so bright) in the mail. So hop to it mamas - up your financial skills with Up Bank today! Do you love the podcast SICK and want more SOTM? Of course you do! Join our Facebook page to share your money wins and money confessions, follow us on Insta for daily inspo to keep you on track and DEFINITELY subscribe to our newsletter, the written recap of the pod's key takeaways, including some bonus bits you won't want to miss... In a money mess and need help untangling the muddle? We've got you sorted - simply record your qualm and send it through to us at and you may end up on the podcast! Your podcast hosts are Georgia King and Victoria Devine. The advice shared on She's on The Money is general in nature and does not consider your individual circumstances. She's on The Money exists purely for educational purposes only and should not be relied upon to make an investment or financial decision. Victoria Devine is an Authorised Representative of Consultum Financial Advisers Proprietary Limited ABN 65 006 373 995 I AFSL 230323.









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Who you gonna call? (MONEY) MythBusters!

Who you gonna call? (MONEY) MythBusters!

Victoria Devine