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Why "Fostering Together"?

Why "Fostering Together"?

Update: 2024-04-16


Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Fostering Together Podcast!

Join hosts Brendan and Tracy as we embark on an inspiring journey through the world of fostering. In this episode, we peel back the curtain on our personal fostering adventure, sharing the heartfelt story that propelled us from curiosity to becoming active participants in the foster care system. From Tracy's early inspiration sparked by a friend's transformation in foster care, to Brendan's initial unfamiliarity but growing commitment, we delve into the motivations, challenges, and triumphs of our journey. This episode isn't just our story; it's an invitation to explore the profound impact fostering can have on both the children and families involved. Whether you're a seasoned foster carer or just fostering curiosity, this episode promises insights, inspiration, and the beginning of a community-centric exploration into the world of fostering.

Episode Timeline:

  • [00:00:11 ] - Brendan and Tracy introduce themselves and the inception of their fostering journey.

  • [00:02:46 ] - Tracy's personal backstory and the catalyst for her fostering passion.

  • [00:03:41 ] - Brendan shares how he was drawn into the fostering world and the powerful stories that solidified his decision.

  • [00:04:31 ] - The driving forces behind starting the "Fostering Together" podcast and the goals they hope to achieve.

  • [00:06:04 ] - Discussion on the need for more foster carers and addressing common concerns.

  • [00:07:09 ] - Exploring how Brendan and Tracy plan to support and provide resources to the fostering community.

  • [00:09:47 ] - The vision for creating a supportive and educational platform for foster carers.

  • [00:11:06 ] - How to connect with the growing "Fostering Together" community and contribute to the conversation.

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Closing Remarks:

If today's episode has touched your heart or sparked interest in the journey of fostering, we warmly invite you to rate, follow, share, and review our podcast. Your support helps us reach and inspire more potential foster carers, building a stronger, more informed community. Join us next time on Fostering Together, where we'll explore the foundational question: "What is Foster Care?" Your engagement and feedback are not just welcomed; they're essential to fostering a better future together.









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Why "Fostering Together"?

Why "Fostering Together"?

Tracy & Brendan Rogers