DiscoverOne Small BiteWhy 10K Steps Won't Help You Live Longer
Why 10K Steps Won't Help You Live Longer

Why 10K Steps Won't Help You Live Longer

Update: 2022-06-01


The push for you to reach 10K steps is actually diet culture marketing. What if less was more to live longer? David examines the origin, the myth, and the science around 10K steps. Plus, what actually helps. It’s all about less is more, one small bite.

Highlights of this episode:

  • Origin of 10K Steps
  • The Science of 10K Steps
  • 10K Steps is #Fitspiration
  • Misleading Health Apps and Tools
  • Starting a Program Right for You


A Japanese company, Manpo-kei,” which translates to "10,000 steps meter," popularized the 10K steps through their pedometer product. Marketing probably advised that 10K was a nice big round number that would sound attractive and easy to remember. They weren't wrong. 

Now, wellness programs and other companies jump on the band wagon for folks to reach 10K steps. Even healthcare providers make assumptions that the 10K steps is based on evidence and recommend that to their patients. 

Depending on your foot and leg size and your stride, 10K steps is roughly around 5 miles. 

David is not arguing that walking is not beneficial for those in able bodies to do so. For the trendy go-getter perfectionists out there, or for those who see this stuff and feel guilty about their own performance, this information may offer some relief.

The real question is - 10K steps helps what for who? 

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Why 10K Steps Won't Help You Live Longer

Why 10K Steps Won't Help You Live Longer

David Orozco