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Why Bother with Contracts?

Why Bother with Contracts?

Update: 2019-03-19


Contracts come in different shapes and forms. They go from simple to overly complicated, from oral to written; from loose to legally binding and enforceable agreements.

And then, there’s trust.

It’s the Holy Grail in sports, marriage, love and business. A word that encompasses so much, yet falls short in real life.

We all want to believe that

things will last, that we can rely on somebody’s word to be part of the journey

until death do us part, but unfortunately that’s not always the case.

Something called change

kicks in and sweet words and promises that are the fundamentals of the

beautiful palace we built our dreams on, get shattered.

Everything falls apart.

What once was, seems like a

little spot in the eternal flame of life.

Then comes the zero point.

The awakening. The emptiness. The wake-up call that shakes up your world,


If not, you’re doomed to go

back to sleep or better yet, jump straight back onto the carousel and repeat everything

with no takeaway from the previous lesson.

These are one of the most

precious moments in our lives. Experience, mistakes, falling down and getting

back up again, this is what life on this planet is all about, isn’t it?

You might remember this time in your life very vividly. Maybe it’s a very painful moment that shaped you as a human being and forced you to change your path, behavior and mindset. And maybe it’s the best thing that ever happened to you because now you know what you don’t want in life.

Trust is beautiful. Trust

gives you hope in the human species. Trust is the basis for love and life. All

begins with trust and dies with lack thereof.

Contracts are made up. They

are spoken or better yet, written words on a sheet of paper.

Unlike trust that tingles

that very thing in you that makes you human – intuition, gut feeling, heart

math, contracts provide you with a certain level of certainty that if things go

array, you still get to keep your house, kids, pets, business, or even health.


You just had your surgery.

The doctors have removed a huge tumor from your intestines. They ensure you

that they’ve removed everything but to be certain, they ask you to sign a

contract for several chemo sessions.

You don’t sign the paper.

They threaten you that if

you leave the hospital without this additional treatment, your life is on you. You

sign a new contract that informs you about all the risks and you leave the


You’re on your own now.

You take 100% responsibility

for your life.

You change your diet, get

rid of all the negativity in your life, embark a new lifestyle and a few months

later you’re labeled cancer-free.

20 years later you’re

healthier than in your twenties. Another 20 years later you climb mountains,

travel the world and are grateful for everything that surrounds you.

Why do doctors work with

contracts and other professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners don’t? Why

do they make you sign a contract that basically says your life is your


That’s not a new concept.

Your life is always your responsibility. And still,








Why Bother with Contracts?

Why Bother with Contracts?

Krisz Rokk