Why Extraction is a BIG Deal - Jerrik Keller

Why Extraction is a BIG Deal - Jerrik Keller

Update: 2021-01-03


Since the beginning of our podcast, we have used care and discretion constantly searching for resources and collaboration with the very best in the cannabis industry. Personal and family health challenges encouraged this search and eventually led us to Jerrik Keller, a humble and joyful formulator of the most premium, and surprisingly affordable products on the overpopulated market of cannabinoid tinctures.  We abide by and recommend only products that follow the FLOW criteria, as developed by the Cannabis Nurses Network.  FLOW is a simple, yet powerful guideline for selecting the most beneficial and safe products:

F - Flower Based
L - Lab Tested
O - Organic
W - Whole Plant

Our introduction to Jerrik, Unity Formulas, and The Lighthearted Farmer was a revelation. Now, we share him  and his exceptional products, with you.

Jerrik is a Co-Owner, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and the namesake of The Lighthearted Farmer,  a family owned and operated business based in Oregon. With agricultural roots, their passion starts with Mother Earth including a vision for humanity to work in harmony with the Earth and with each other. The Lighthearted Farmer was created to ensure that individuals who wanted this connection to earth and to vitality, would be able to access the highest quality herbal and mushroom medicines. They are committed to offering great personable customer service, vibrant natural remedies, and integral, insightful information. They have a mission to care for customers as family.

Recently, Jerrik collaborated with Janna Champagne, RN, BSN to develop powerful medical grade formulas to address the most commonly raised symptoms from patients and clients.  These include day pain, night pain, anxiety, sleep, and neuro health.   Nurse Janna’s focus is holistic treatment, natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals that include cannabis therapy, and epigenetic screening (nutrigenomics) and her specialties include Autism/Pediatrics, Autoimmune/Inflammatory Disease, Neuro/Mental Health Dysfunction, and Chronic Pain Syndromes. Nurse Janna is an active member of Cannabis Nurses Network, Patients for Safe Access, and Oregon Holistic Nurses Association.

Listen to our podcast with Nurse Janna here: 


Check out Unity Formulas here:   Unity Formulas Orders and use the code  RETCMU2  for a 20% discount only available thru Freshemp and Cannamedu.com.

Email us at heather@cannamedu.com or pam@cannamedu.com for client pricing for The Lighthearted Farmer products available through proprietary retail outlets. 

Jerrik provides an insightful perspective on agriculture, cannabis, medicine, and what it means to be human. He enjoys one-on-one conversations with customers, offering his valuable perspective and feedback on cannabinoid supplementation, extraction and formulation processes, and anecdotal evidence. He consults with and supplies leading physicians and nurses specializing in holistic evidence based supplementation. 

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Why Extraction is a BIG Deal - Jerrik Keller

Why Extraction is a BIG Deal - Jerrik Keller

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