DiscoverModern Agent Podcast - For New and Stuck Real Estate AgentsWhy I just joined the Homes + Beach Team. Is a team right for you?
Why I just joined the Homes + Beach Team.  Is a team right for you?

Why I just joined the Homes + Beach Team. Is a team right for you?

Update: 2019-03-04


This podcast is as much a journal of my own real estate journey as it is a way to try to help other agents. 

For 2019 I had set some pretty lofty goals for myself professionally.  I set 2 goals.  I wanted to sell 40+ homes AND I wanted to grow my own team of local agents. 

I realized quickly that January and February 2019 were going to be slow as they have been in the past years.  I was already behind the pace I would need to reach my goals.  This IS the year I breakthrough!!!  I can't fail already. 

My big speed bump or hurdle was the expense of lead generation.  You see, in order to hit my production goals, I need more leads.  AND in order to be able to provide for agents on my team, I would got it...MORE LEADS!

Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Zillow Ads etc all cost money! 

Then when you get a heavy enough flow of leads coming in you need to make sure they are handled effectively to ensure conversion.  Our friend David Tal from Agentology just mentioned a story about a top team in California that realized that 75% of their Zillow leads that bought a house, used a different brokerage because they were not following up with their leads effectively.

So I needed MORE leads, and I needed LEVERAGE to ensure the leads were being handled correctly to maximize my ROI.

A friend had reached out a few months ago asking about the beach market in my area.  I thought nothing of it at the time but in recent weeks, I had seen posts and chatter about a new team forming HOMES + CITY and HOMES + BEACH.

I reached out and talked to the team leader, asked all of my questions, did my "due diligence" lol.  Then I reached out to my coach and bounced the idea off of him.  With Coach's blessing I accepted the offer to join the team.

The team has the lead gen systems already in place.  Support and coaching is in place.  I know am already receiving a flow of leads that feels like it will definitely allow me to hit my goals, and without that concern, I have bought back time to focus on maximizing my conversion.  I also now have a brand and team that I can leverage to attract other agents and grow my local team to work with me.  Its a win-win for me.

Teams are becoming to the new brokerage if you will.  A brokerage within a brokerage.  Now teams may not be for everyone.  Some people were just meant to be lone wolves lol.  I for one am already enjoying the "esprit de corps" if you will, of having a team around me.

If you think a team may be beneficial to you and you would like to reach out and chat about it in more detail please feel free to shoot me a DM and let's jump on a quick call.

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Our host Rick Gonzalez is a Realtor with REAL Brokerage LLC in the NW Florida Panhandle, and Team Leader of the Anchor Here Group.  Rick is a US Navy Veteran.  Rick also founded The Freeport Insider, a local community on social media helping to support his small but rapidly growing community.  Rick has also served as the Vice President of his local Freeport Merchants Association helping educate, market and support the local business in his market.  Rick is a Son, Husband to his wonderfully supportive and beautiful wife Katrina, and Father to 3 amazing kids Olivia, Alexzander and Hannah.

You can find Rick online at:

@modernagentpodcast on IG

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Why I just joined the Homes + Beach Team.  Is a team right for you?

Why I just joined the Homes + Beach Team. Is a team right for you?

Rick Gonzalez