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Why It's Important To Dress For Your Here And Now Body

Why It's Important To Dress For Your Here And Now Body

Update: 2019-11-01


Do you have clothes that you keep in the back of your closet, hoping one day you will be able to fit into them again? Wearing clothes that fit your here and now body, not the one you used to have or hope to have, is not only important for your own self-care but it can impact how you intuitively eat and your own self-worth.

Are You Ready To Be Kinder To Yourself?

It is really important to wear clothes that fit your here and now and that feels good for you despite the number that you see on the scale. Your body changes with you when you go through different phases throughout your life, and picking clothes that fit your body here and now is key to a positive relationship with food and yourself.

When you force yourself to wear clothes that are too small you can restrict your breathing, increase your stress and anxiety levels and make yourself feel guilty for where you are now. Motivating yourself negatively is not sustainable and it is not kind to yourself, and it is time to get rid of those clothes so that you can start making long term progress. 

Are you ready to be kinder to yourself and get rid of those clothes that do not fit you anymore? Share how you have overcome your closet anxiety in the comments on the episode page.


On Today's Episode

  • Why its time to let go of clothing that does not fit your here and now body (7:25 )
  • Addressing the pressure that new parents are under to ‘get their body back’ (13:04 )
  • Exploring the impact clothing can have on your physiology and psyche (13:50 )
  • How to stop forcing yourself to use clothing to ‘motivate’ yourself (18:15 )
  • Suggestions for what you can to start clearing our your closet and let go (22:43 )
  • Tips for accepting your here and now body and how clothes feel on your body (26:35 )



“There is an aspect of intuitive eating that has to do with respecting your body, respecting your here and now body.” (9:11 )

“I see so many people holding onto clothes and trying to fit into clothes that don’t fit them or keeping the clothes around as ‘motivation’.” (13:37 )

“To feel everyday that we are forcing ourselves to put on clothes that don’t fit because we spent a lot of money on them or we should have lost the weight by now or we shouldn’t be this size and it will motivate us to change, my argument here is that that is not doing us any favors.” (15:15 )

“This is not kindness, and we do not need to be mean to ourselves in order to get ourselves to make a change.” (17:54 )

“You deserve to feel comfortable in your here and now body and the clothes that you are going to wear such that it is not causing you physical discomfort or mental discomfort.” (23:16 )


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Why It's Important To Dress For Your Here And Now Body

Why It's Important To Dress For Your Here And Now Body

Steph Gaudreau