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Why Leadership Conversations Matter Now More Than Ever

Why Leadership Conversations Matter Now More Than Ever

Update: 2021-01-02


Leaders must possess the ability to navigate conversations now more than ever. We need people to perform yet at the same time we need people to know we care and that we truly are invested in their well-being. This is easier said than done. Organizations and leaders need to invest in their conversational skill development. Think about an employee who is not performing well and maybe eight other employees who are performing well and you need to address that one employee. This seems on the surface very easy yet the eight employees might have a reaction in terms of how you interact with that one employee who is perceived to be underperforming. Conversations matter!

Think if you're a sales leader in your team just came out of 2020 doing okay yet a large number of employees have not hit their numbers. You need to sit down with them and have a conversation about increasing their numbers for 2021. Easier said than done. We often share with sales leaders you do not coach to numbers you coach people who produce numbers and this requires the ability to find out where people struggle and how to help them feel comfortable sharing such things you can have targeted information you can pursue to raise sales numbers as a partner with them. Conversations matter!

You have an employee who is struggling who has three kids at home. The employee historically has been a great employee, yet they seem to lack motivation and you know it the foundation of that motivation struggle is the fact they have had to navigate homeschooling with three kids while working. The challenge is now you need this employee to raise their game and produce now more than ever while knowing they are fatigued and stressed. Conversations matter!

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Why Leadership Conversations Matter Now More Than Ever

Why Leadership Conversations Matter Now More Than Ever

Tim Hagen