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Why Mental Health Is Important For Business Owners

Why Mental Health Is Important For Business Owners

Update: 2019-04-23


Episode 2 Season 3

"Red Lipstick Chronicles - Tips From The Lips Of Successful Entrepreneurs"

Host & Founder: Shaniece M. Wise - Business Expansion Coach & Strategist

Guest: Dr. JaNae Taylor - Licensed Therapist/Counselor

Dr. JaNae Taylor is a licensed counselor in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She is licensed to practice in the state of Georgia as well. Dr. JaNae is also a therapist, entrepreneur and podcaster. In September 2017 she started her podcast, Minding My Black Business and the focus of the podcast is to provide mental health for the black community

Dr. JaNae realized she wanted to be a therapist for the black community when she had the opportunity to see other people who looked like her, doing exactly what she desired to do.

Being on her own at her private practice, she decided to offer mental health services exclusively for the black community. Dr. JaNae does individual, some family, and some couples counseling. The focus is on healthy relationships, having a work life balance, race related traumas, and black entrepreneurs feeling overwhelmed, isolated and anxious.

Dr. JaNae finds that the black community has some of the most creative and motivated people, that put a lot of energy and attention into their goods and services. The area that they do not put as much attention towards is the personal impact the business has on them and the self-neglect.

Business owners believe there is something shiny about the Hustle Mentality, but in Dr. JaNae’s eyes, there is a lot of danger in this mentality. She believes that the danger in the hustle mentality causes people to not only say, but act on the phrases, “I will sleep when I am dead”, and, “No rest for the weary”. She feels this is not practical or the truth because everyone needs rest.

Dr. JaNae’s says the idea is to humanize black entrepreneurs. She wants black entrepreneurs to recognize their talents and gifts. She needs them to understand that there are times when they need take a pause and rest, because a healthy entrepreneur is a healthy business.

Here are four ways, Dr. JaNae believes black business owners can pace themselves, and at the same time grow at a high level:

1. Give yourself permission to not be “on” at all times, for everyone.
2. Make sure you are a part of an accountability group or you have an accountability buddy, that is connected to your business/industry and understands entrepreneurship.
3. Get back to the basis by drinking water daily, eating consistently, getting rest, and staying on a schedule.
4. Recognize what you do as a business owner and know your boundaries.

A book that Dr. JaNae recommends is By Dr. Beverly Tatum, “Why Are The Black Kids Sitting Together In The Cafeteria”.

Dr. JaNae is currently working on a Digital Academy, which will have skilled based worksheets for black entrepreneurs to purchase and use.

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Why Mental Health Is Important For Business Owners

Why Mental Health Is Important For Business Owners

Shaniece M. Wise