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Why Positive Thinking Is So Important

Why Positive Thinking Is So Important

Update: 2022-07-19


#168: Does it seem impossible with all the bad news we hear on a daily basis to remain upbeat and positive? Have you ever thought about how your thoughts impact running your business?

This is where today's guest comes in. I'd like you to meet Dr Tony Robinson. She is a prolific strategist and advisor with a proven track record in serving and training executives, business leaders, and entrepreneurs in hearing God's voice for prophetic strategies and solutions for their business.

Her story is one of extraordinary transformation, change, and God’s amazing grace. She is no stranger to what she calls, "dream disruptions" having to navigate her way through life’s many transitions and challenges including the sudden and devastating loss of her husband of 25 years. It was during the space of these disruptions where she learned to courageously partner with God and walk in His dreams for her life.

From start-ups to multimillion-dollar companies, Dr. Tony has mentored and advised faith-based leaders across the globe on how to activate God's assignment over both themselves and their organizations.  

 In this episode, we dive into how we can keep our thoughts positive, along-with how we can reactivate that ability to hear from God and why talking to God can not only help you maintain a positive outlook but gain solutions for your business.

This episode is jam-packed full of great ideas, so let's get to it! 

Learn How You Can Have a Positive Mindset...

  • [03:59 ] Dr Tony's journey from being in the church to transitioning to part-time entrepreneur and then later to full-time business
  • [08:14 ] What does it look like when a company asks for her help?
  • [10:45 ] How does she help people to reconnect with God so they can hear Him again?
  • [19:40 ] How can we keep our thoughts positive
  • [26:13 ] Talking to God about business - Go for it!
  • [31:20 ] You can control your thoughts - it's never too late
  • [33:29 ] Important reminder - pay attention to what you consume

Important Links & Mentions in this episode:


Remember, YOU Matter! See you in the next episode. 









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Why Positive Thinking Is So Important

Why Positive Thinking Is So Important

Kelly Baader