DiscoverListen To Your Body PodcastWhy Strength Training Can Help Your Body & Your Mind w/ Dr. Jen Hosler
Why Strength Training Can Help Your Body & Your Mind w/ Dr. Jen Hosler

Why Strength Training Can Help Your Body & Your Mind w/ Dr. Jen Hosler

Update: 2020-01-072


As a woman, Dr. Jen Hosler believes you need to be doing some sort of strength or resistance training. A doctor of physical therapy as well as a personal trainer, Dr. Jen helps women navigate the intersection between their bodies and the physical and mental benefits of strength training. Providing a unique perspective as a physical therapist existing in the world of body image, fitness, and diet culture, Dr. Jen is here to tell you to stop obsessing over being perfect and start finding what works for you.

Overcome The Struggle Of Not Feeling Good

After years of being fed wellness information centered around the perfect body and being obsessed with fat loss, Dr. Jen said enough is enough and started creating legitimate informational resources to help others take care of themselves. Now Dr. Jen works to help you build up your capacity, overcome the struggle of not feeling good in your body, and show up for yourself no matter what. 

Strength and resistance training can help you feel comfortable in your own skin, achieve optimal bone density and build strength to challenge and heal your body. If you are new to the strength training world or are wanting to get back into the driver’s seat when it comes to your routine, Dr. Jen is the role model that you need to know about.

Are you ready to honor your body with strength and resistance training exercises that keep things simple and feeling good? Share your thoughts about Dr. Jen’s episode in the comments on the episode page.


In This Episode

  • Why you should stop blaming your body and start blaming the clothes (13:05 )
  • Beginner tips for integrating yourself into strength and resistance training (20:10 )
  • Breaking down the barbell as a tool for strength training and its limitations (31:35 )
  • How to build up your capacity through stress recovery and adaptation (41:30
  • Understanding that your identity is more than your fitness persona and progress (52:15 )



“Picking up the barbell and seeing how strong I was was the big catalyst for me personally, changing and realizing, ‘oh, my body is more than just an ornament for other people to enjoy’.” (10:41 )

“Whatever age you are now, let’s get a little bit of weight on your body, let’s get those bones built up a little bit. Because when you are 80, and a little misstep happens, you are going to be so thankful that you had a little load.” (19:51 )

“As a physical therapist and a healthcare provider, I will preach a message that I think every woman should try to get some sort of resistance training in because it is just too important for our bodies as they age not too.” (28:03 )

“If you can accomplish the same goal or task or purpose that you are trying to accomplish with a barbell but you are also at the risk of feeling in pain or uncomfortable, then let’s see if there is something else that maybe is another tool that can still help you accomplish that task but not wit the same risk or not the same discomfort.” (36:43 )

“It doesn’t matter where you are at in your life, there are different seasons in the way things are going to be prioritized, and you always can get back to it.” (51:25 )



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Why Strength Training Can Help Your Body & Your Mind w/ Dr. Jen Hosler

Why Strength Training Can Help Your Body & Your Mind w/ Dr. Jen Hosler

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