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Why Train in Yin Yoga? (Episode 60)

Why Train in Yin Yoga? (Episode 60)

Update: 2019-09-09


Any untrained person can sit down to a piano, apply pressure to the keys and generate sounds. The sounds that the untrained pianist produces will be worlds apart from the sublime perfection that is Bach s Goldberg Variations. So without proper training, your classes run the risk of being the yoga analog to the jarring cacophony of a three-year-old banging on a piano.

In this episode, I discuss the five reasons why I think people should take a Yin Yoga training if they plan to teach Yin Yoga.

Show Notes:

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Plus I have some great episodes planned for the fall season. I will continue my series of discussions with Matthew Remski on the scandals plaguing the yoga and Buddhist world, and Dr. Timothy McCall talks about about cancer, fasting, and problems in the scientific evaluation of alternative therapies. It’s going to be a great season.

In the episode, I also mentioned the article by Bernie Clark: Who Owns Yin Yoga?

Last but not least, I’d love to have you train in Yin Yoga! If this episode gets you fired up and ready to go, have a look at the full schedule of my upcoming trainings and retreats at

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Why Train in Yin Yoga? (Episode 60)

Why Train in Yin Yoga? (Episode 60)

Josh Summers