DiscoverOne Small BiteWhy is Fat Bad? Let's Dismantle Fat-phobia!
Why is Fat Bad? Let's Dismantle Fat-phobia!

Why is Fat Bad? Let's Dismantle Fat-phobia!

Update: 2022-01-05


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Why do we fear fat? Consider how we admire animals who are fat and beautiful. Animals don’t try to lose weight and we admire them! So why is fat so bad for us? Spoiler alert, it’s not. It’s the fatphobia that is bad for us. 

Highlights of this episode:

  • the origins of fatphobia
  • how fatphobia is affecting our health
  • how fatphobia affects our relationship to food and eating
  • new ways to dismantle fatphobia and pursue health


Happy New Year!


Early 20th century, slimness started to be promoted, not for medical reasons, but in fear of the black body. Dr. Sabrina Strings writes about the history of fatphobia, in her book, Fearing the Black Body: The Racial Origins of Fat Phobia. Our culture promotes one type of body as acceptable, leaving people who do not fit that description, out. 

In a Scientific American article by Virginia Sole-Smith, she correctly pointed out that fatphobia is one bias that creates unaccounted for variables. David mentions that research can have a contagion affect, where researchers do not question existing data, and carries data over to support their own science. It’s science that does not question itself.

David rejects “obesity” and “overweight” because this does not define a person and contributes to fatphobia. This phobia is a vicarious form of stress. A fat person may not get the same treatment as a thin person in healthcare and this is wrong. 

 We are at the beginning of the year, which brings hope. What if we made small changes that were unstainable for life?  Instead of, “I have to lose weight,” which puts us into an unstainable punish mode, why not try to find something you can do for life. Literally, the rest of your life.

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Why is Fat Bad? Let's Dismantle Fat-phobia!

Why is Fat Bad? Let's Dismantle Fat-phobia!

David Orozco