DiscoverHow to Scale a Video Business with Den LennieWhy paying more tax is a good thing. EP #214 - Blake Jenkins
Why paying more tax is a good thing. EP #214 - Blake Jenkins

Why paying more tax is a good thing. EP #214 - Blake Jenkins

Update: 2021-09-02


Today... Den talks to tax expert Blake Jenkins. Blake is the senior account manager at Count Out Loud - an accounting firm that serves the film, media, and creative sectors. If you're a video freelancer or owner of a video production company, this could very well be the most profitable episode you ever hear.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • Why paying more tax is a good thing. - 0:45
  • Why Tax accountants shake their heads and roll their eyes when small business owners spend money to save on tax. - 2:20
  • 3 critical questions to ask before making a business purchase. (Spending your business dollars without knowing the answer to these three things is almost like throwing your money off a cliff. - 3:00 )
  • A dopey thing many business owners do when seeking tax advice. - 3:30
  • The dunderhead's guide to managing your tax. - 4:00
  • A sneaky (and 100% legal) way to reduce your tax bill that probably 95% 0f business owners aren't taking advantage of. - 4:10
  • The laymen's guide to understanding the difference between sole trading, trusts, and Pty Ltd. - 7:00
  • Important things nobody told you about going from a sole trader to a company structure. - 8:10
  • When exactly to consider becoming a company. - 8:50
  • A caveman explanation of running your business through a trust. - 10:00
  • A sweet little business “tax break” most people don't know about. - 12:00
  • Clever ways to structure your business that can reduce your overall tax and can help you start creating your own personal wealth. - 13:20
  • A hardly-talked-about advantage of having effective bookkeeping. - 14:30
  • Absurdly good advice for hiring an accountant for your business. - 15:30
  • Still collecting your receipts in a shoebox to give your accountant? (Then you'll want to hear Blake's clever advice at 18:30 )
  • Cash flow secrets. (What savvy accountants look for, and strategies they use to improve cash flow. - 21:00 )
  • More insider tax secrets. - 24:45

About Blake Jenkins
Blake is a Chartered Accountant and has over 8 years experience working in business advisory and tax. His career started in boutique corporate firms and quickly discovered that his passion is helping small and medium businesses grow into their potential. Utilising his skill set, technology and applying these to the entertainment and creative industries, Blake works with businesses along their journey to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. Blake has worked across numerous productions in a range of financial capacities. From production accountant to structuring, he particularly enjoys working with developing professionals to navigate business complexities.

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Why paying more tax is a good thing. EP #214 - Blake Jenkins

Why paying more tax is a good thing. EP #214 - Blake Jenkins

Den Lennie