DiscoverPitchfork Economics with Nick HanauerWhy should we cancel student debt? (with Fenaba Addo)
Why should we cancel student debt? (with Fenaba Addo)

Why should we cancel student debt? (with Fenaba Addo)

Update: 2020-12-222


The CARES Act delayed student loan payments as a form of stimulus, raising an important question: if forgiving student loan debt is good policy and broadly popular with Americans, should we just cancel student debt altogether? University of Wisconsin Madison Associate Professor Fenaba Addo, who researches debt and wealth inequality, helps us explore the merits and shortcomings of student debt cancellation. 

Fenaba Addo is the Lorna Jorgensen Wendt Associate Professor of Money, Relationships, and Equality at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Her research examines the role of debt and increasing wealth inequality over the past forty years within communities of color and among economically vulnerable populations in the U.S.

Twitter: @FenabaAddo

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Six stupid arguments against forgiving student loan debt: 

The Racialization of the Student Debt Crisis:

I paid off all my student loans. I still support student loan forgiveness: 

Forgiving student debt would boost economy, economists say:

Writing off student debt is one way biden can build black wealth:

Student debt is hitting African Americans the hardest. These experts have a plan to fix it:

Constrained after College: Student Loans and Early Career Occupational Choices: 

Is student debt cancellation regressive? No. 

Who owes all that student debt? And who’d benefit if it were forgiven?


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Another shallow episode. Why not forgive mortgages? And why only forgive past debt; why not issue credit cards that people don't need to pay off? And why start the episode by talking about how college isn't worth the investment and later claim that it's necessary in the job market? What was the causal linkage between race and debt load? As I wrote, this was another disappointing episode full of shallow nonsense.

Dec 22nd
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Why should we cancel student debt? (with Fenaba Addo)

Why should we cancel student debt? (with Fenaba Addo)

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