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Why the Left Is Losing on Abortion

Why the Left Is Losing on Abortion

Update: 2020-10-1220


Most Americans say that abortion should be legal with some restrictions, but President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Amy Coney Barrett, signed a statement in a 2006 newspaper advertisement opposing “abortion on demand.” Her accession would bolster a conservative majority among the justices.

How did that happen? According to Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, abortion rights advocates have for too long taken Roe v. Wade for granted.

Ms. Hogue describes how Republican attacks on abortion were not countered forcefully enough. “I think most people in elected positions had been taught for a long time to sort of ‘check the box’ on being what we would call pro-choice and then move on,” she said.

Guest: Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America.

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Andi-Roo Libecap

It's my understanding that while some Democrats might be anti-abortion on a personal level, they are still pro-choice when it comes to other woman making that decision. Whereas it seems most Republicans are anti-abortion not just on a personal level but on a legislative level too. The partisanship comes in when we argue whether or not morals should be legislated. As with most controversial issues!

Oct 13th

Alex Mercedes

I'm so ready for a conversation that doesn't frame abortion as a partisan political issue. there are people of every political persuasion on both "sides" of the question. restricting discussion to "left" vs "right" is yet another way of obfuscating the issue and dishonoring the will of Americans.

Oct 12th

Meeister Sean

It's abhorrent that both parties are using the procedure of abortion to invoke emotional responses from the public in an attempt to associate politics with righteousness. The inability to remove emotional response from rational thinking is destroying the US.

Oct 12th








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Why the Left Is Losing on Abortion

Why the Left Is Losing on Abortion