DiscoverHow to Scale a Video Business with Den LennieWhy you need to become an expert. EP #164 - Den Lennie
Why you need to become an expert. EP #164 - Den Lennie

Why you need to become an expert. EP #164 - Den Lennie

Update: 2021-03-11


Today, Den reveals how to get MORE clients by marketing to FEWER people. Plus, marketing and business tips aplenty. 

But first...

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • The REAL reason why about 20% of small businesses fail within the first year. - 2:10
  • Advice for new video business owners you'd be a darn fool not to take. - 2:45
  • Proof that new video equipment is like “crack cocaine” for freelance filmmakers. - 3:00
  • Why “patience” is the small business owner's superpower. - 3:40
  • An emasculating thing most men have to do when they want a holiday. - 4:00
  • Quite possibly the best advice you'll ever hear for entering a business partnership. This can help save you from a world of pain. - 6:00
  • The 5-letter word that strikes fear into the hearts of video business owners. Because this 5-letter word scares them, it keeps their business from ever reaching its potential. - 7:20
  • Den's awfully good "the MORE excuse you make, the LESS money you make" spiel. - 8:00
  • The single most important thing to focus on if your business is currently making less than 7-figures. (In fact, this should always be your #1 focus. - 8:30
  • A simple “litmus test” for identifying a moron. (It's very simple. Just listen to what someone says after they witness a successful person getting a good break or making a good business deal. If they say what's mentioned at 9:20 ... you'll know that person is a certified moron.)
  • A clever “12-word phrase” to use when asked: “How much are your services?” (Not only do prospective clients appreciate this answer, but it puts them in the right frame of mind. -12:45 )
  • Clever ways to avoid looking like a bag of shit when your work schedule has you traveling more than a restless gypsy. (Not only will these ways keep you looking fresh, but they will also ratchet up your productivity, to boot!- 14:30 )
  • The case for writing a book. - 17:00
  • A surprisingly simple way to boost your status in your industry. - 17:40
  • The "caveman simple" 6-step formula for writing a book in record time. (This delightfully simple 6-point game plan will work even if you have trouble writing a shopping list. - 18:00 )
  • An unusual way to write a book using only your tongue. - 19:00

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Why you need to become an expert. EP #164 - Den Lennie

Why you need to become an expert. EP #164 - Den Lennie

Den Lennie