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Widemindedness: Robin Hanbury-Tenison

Widemindedness: Robin Hanbury-Tenison

Update: 2020-10-03


“I was the first person in the UK, virtually, to get Coronavirus really badly, and to be whipped into hospital and to be extremely ill for seven weeks, five weeks in an induced coma, having a tracheotomy and on a ventilator, and tubes everywhere."

The Spectator has called Robin Hanbury-Tenison OBE “the doyen of British explorers.” He is also a conservationist, broadcaster, filmmaker, author, campaigner and farmer. Actress Joanna Lumley has called him “a matchless man.” In 2020, just weeks before the global lockdown in response to Coronavirus, Hanbury-Tenison’s latest book ‘Taming the Four Horsemen - radical solutions to defeat pandemics, war, famine and the death of the planet’ was published. Robin spent seven weeks fighting for his life, after testing positive for COVID-19.

He is President of the charity Survival International, which he founded in 1969, and was previously Chief Executive of The Countryside Alliance. In 1957, Hanbury-Tenison became the first person to travel overland by jeep from London to Sri Lanka. In 1958, he became the first to cross South America overland at its widest point. He visited 33 Indian tribes in Brazil at the invitation of the Brazilian government. The list of his expeditions goes on to number over 30 in total. He was one of the first campaigners to bring the plight of the rainforests to the world's attention.

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Widemindedness: Robin Hanbury-Tenison

Widemindedness: Robin Hanbury-Tenison

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