DiscoverMSG of HopeWill I Go To Heaven When I Die? - Episode #43
Will I Go To Heaven When I Die? - Episode #43

Will I Go To Heaven When I Die? - Episode #43

Update: 2020-02-06


Surely others must ask themselves this question and like me, desperately seek to have some assurance on the most important part of life which is our death, because life is short but eternity is forever!

I was raised attending and being actively involved in church my whole life. I feel I have tried to be a good person each day of my life by treating others the way I would want to be treated, by helping others when I have the resources available, attending church, and just generally trying to be a good person.

But I am currently struggling with the thought of whether I will go to heaven or not? I think I will, but I'm not sure and I wonder how some people are so adamant about knowing they are going to heaven while I still feel unsure? 

It could be because I'm getting older and know that naturally my time on earth is growing shorter or that I don’t want the life given to me to be one where I just existed. I want to know that I accomplished something that made this world a better place for my family, my friends, or those who will live after me. I so desire to know that my GOD (Yehovah) is proud of me for who I was and what I did for him with this precious life he has gifted me with.

I am seeking reassurance to give myself peace of mind and/or to find out what I possibly need to change in my life to be assured that I will live eternally with my GOD. If you have had the same questions I invite you to join along with me as I search for the answer to the most important questions anyone could ever ask themselves in my opinion. So, let's dive in.

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Will I Go To Heaven When I Die? - Episode #43

Will I Go To Heaven When I Die? - Episode #43

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