DiscoverThe #SpeakEasy PodcastWinning in the moments you didn't plan for with Diann Antley
Winning in the moments you didn't plan for with Diann Antley

Winning in the moments you didn't plan for with Diann Antley

Update: 2020-12-24


No matter how much we strategize and plan there will be things that come up in business and life that we just did not plan for. They are the obstacles and detours that can make or break your momentum. What if I told you that there is a way for you to be prepared so you have the skills to maneuver through even the toughest situations.

"Let's just be honest things that we don't learn from in our lives we are bound to repeat" ~ Diann

That is your first clue to being able to handle the unknowns in life. Take a close at how you have handled things in the past. From there you can create a strategy that helps you to better handle things as they come.

Ask yourself:
Do I need to take a break when things happen?
What breaks my momentum?
How long does it take for me to recover when a crisis happens?
Do I have a support system for when thongs feel out of control for me?

Diann shared the things that knocked her off track and what she was able to use to bounceback. Some of the tips she shares may be ones that you have heard before but are have you implemented them in your journey? We have to fight to be comfortable in survival mode because it can poison our purpose.

Diann's nuggets:
~ It is different to plan for success in survival mode
~ Taking time to evaluate where you are emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically will give you a firm foundation
~ When in a rush you tend to miss opportunities - it's okay to slow down
~ You are not meant to cut everyone out of your life - some people are the sandpaper you need to become refined
~ Your growing pains may be different but we all have growing pains

Meet Diann:

Diann Antley is a Certified Life Coach & Help Practitioner with Anew You, Clarified LLC, a Coaching and Consulting Firm designed to support Divorced, Christian Women with their journey of rediscovering who they are. The firm also provides services to companies as a support system for its employees.

Diann is also an Inspirational Speaker and Amazon Best-Selling Author.

Diann knows what the journey is like. On the heels of her own divorce, double bankruptcy, and foreclosure, Diann ended up alone, broke, and in need of more. So, instead of continuing down the road with feelings of anger, resentment, and shame, Diann listened to God, made a detour, and began her journey to rediscovering who SHE is, so she could live with intention.

Once Diann decided to open her mouth and tell others what she was going through, she was concerned that so many other Women of Faith endured the same things. Today, Diann realizes the importance of telling her story to inspire other women, as well as helping them GROW through their journey.

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Winning in the moments you didn't plan for with Diann Antley

Winning in the moments you didn't plan for with Diann Antley

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