DiscoverAging GreatFULLy with Holley KelleyWisdom for Greater Success, Happiness & Purpose
Wisdom for Greater Success, Happiness & Purpose

Wisdom for Greater Success, Happiness & Purpose

Update: 2020-03-20


When mega Hollywood stars like Madonna, Roseanne, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Giselle Bundchen, Guy Ritchie and Michael Strahan, including millionaires and billionaires were at a crossroads in their lives or wanted to find more meaning, purpose or direction, they turned to Eliyahu Jian.

Eliyahu Jian offers the previously secret wisdom of the Kabbalah and other spiritual disciplines free to anyone who wants to achieve greater success, happiness and purpose Through his organization Vital Transformation and his newest book The Laughing Billionaire: How to Become Rich and Happy, Eliyahu is one again popularizing the profound life wisdom of the Kabbalah in a way that can help people transform their lives to find meaning and joy.
Learn how to claim ownership of your Soul, the definition of True Freedom, the power of Certainty, how to overcome barriers and the destructive influence of shame and embark on spiritual growth that empowers positive change.

Says Eliyahu: "There are many millionaires and billionaires, but few are fulfilled. Few live the ultimate billionaire lifestyle. My aim with this book is to give you the tools for psychological, physical, and spiritual transformation. These tools, in turn, will enable you to lead a billionaire lifestyle-one in which all your soul's desires are met. You will become happy."
By this definition, being a billionaire is not just about money. It is a metaphor for living a meaningful, spiritually fulfilling and happy life,...that in turn removes the barriers from allowing the Creator to bring you whatever you desire in life-whether it is money or other rewards.
In this must-listen Aging GreatFULLy episode, listeners will receive modern, accessible and practical ways to absorb the guidance and wisdom of the ancient mystical text of the Kabbalah that has been passed down in secret by Kabbalists for centuries. To learn more about Eliyahu Jian’s work, visit him at or








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Wisdom for Greater Success, Happiness & Purpose

Wisdom for Greater Success, Happiness & Purpose

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