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With the Help of Strangers

With the Help of Strangers

Update: 2020-12-094


This episode contains descriptions of domestic violence.

In 2013, Courtney Queeney published an essay about surviving domestic violence and the legal proceedings that followed. She described going to a courthouse every two weeks to renew her emergency protection order against her ex. It was during this period that she found “scattered bright spots” — things to laugh about when everything seemed unfunny. She found comfort in the woman who shared her court schedule; her lawyer, whom she revered; and the judge who made her crack up.

Today, we hear about how Courtney has worked through the experience and aftermath of her abuse — and where is she now.

Featured stories:

  • “The View From the Victim Room,” by Courtney Queeney
  • “Held by String,” by Eliza Rudalevige

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awake yet?

Courtney Queeney's essay on her harrowing experience with domestic violence is worth listening to. I loved the part where the judge mocks her ex's 'death threat/love letter' which is made more funny because her ex claimed himself to be a writer. Courtney described the death threat as so terribly written that it sounded more like a childs diary! Beyond...I can't. 👏🏻🤣

Jan 27th
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With the Help of Strangers

With the Help of Strangers

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